More Abundance, Energy and Peace…


The Secret Sauce for you.

I want you to experience the joy filled life I now have because I practice these 10 tips I am going to share with you.

These tips will propel your life into ecstatic orbit.

  1. Live your life in the Present Moment, so you won’t miss a thing.

When you catch yourself drifting, use some trigger you set up for yourself, a mantra, pictures of your perfect life or some blessing you want to remember.

Have it ready so when you drift, you can use it to get back on the horse and ride.

  1. 2. Attitude… No stinkin, thinkin!

Some things to be aware of that can affect your attitude…the news, certain movies and books, people and circumstances. Your job is to keep yourself safe from these encounters like you would keep a child safe.

  1. The Law of Increase…”Think Plenty

By thinking of yourself and others as rich, successful, healthy and talented, you make it so. You will find more is accomplished and rich ideas come without the toil and hard work. Think prosperity as you give time for periods of peaceful reflection. Listen more to your inner promptings.

You are to become a creator, not a competitor. You will get what you want. This will happen in such a way that when you receive it, every other person that is affected by you will have more than he/she has now.

Do this exercise daily… Write out your notes of desired good. Then, mentally image the successful results. Finally, boldly affirm and command those successful results to appear.

  1. Align With Your Purpose

Remove the scales from your eyes, the illusions, the things and concepts you grew up with that have conditioned you.

Begin to envision the way things really are.

There is no shortage of abundance, no lack and it is important you believe this.

You are capable of achieving whatever you decide you want.

” Passion for life and for your work is a critical element of success and abundance.

Passion is a virtually unstoppable, attitudinal force that generates energy, creativity and productivity.

When you love what you do, it’s difficult not to succeed.” Richard Carlson

  1. 5. Love and Kindness

When you stay in the present moment, you are acutely aware of others. This gives you the opportunity to listen with a thoughtful heart.

We never really know what is going on with someone else, so we want to always give them the consideration we would want them to give us.

  1. 6. Gratitude

Be thankful for what you’ve been given and express your gratitude for what is yet to come.

When your thoughts touch on the positive, this creates an emotion that is healthy for you physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Law of Gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions.

Giving thankful praise is an expenditure of force. It cannot fail to reach that to which it is addressed, and the reaction is an instantaneous movement toward you.

  1. 7. The Law of Giving and Receiving

Be grateful when you pay your bills. Give thanks and bless those you pay.

Always give more than you receive, with your time, consideration and value. An example: your book may cost $20, the paper and binding worth little, the words priceless.

  1. 8. Persistence

The persistent person also perseveres long enough for his/her dreams to catch up with them.

Success comes swiftly after a long, arduous uphill climb. It is just around the corner, so never, never, never give up. Never look back, except to take notes for the future. Keep your eyes on the prize and revise when needed; then set your plans in motion.

  1. Self-confidence

As you drop off to sleep, fill your thoughts with the successful, prosperous and good results for tomorrow. Your subconscious will see that your order is filled.

Praise others for their accomplishments and notice others, using a kind word and invoking conversation

with them.

Celebrate your small accomplishments daily.

  1. Develop Your Intuition and Creative Imagination

Your intuition is your inner knowing. You need to set aside a time to meditate and be quiet.

This gives your intuition an opportunity to appear and your thoughts will be the result of how or what your next move should be.

Creative imagination can benefit you in every area of your life. You can orchestrate your life in technicolor on the big screen and in Blue Ray.

Look forward to getting to know you and to offer some classes on some of these topics soon.

Keep Smiling.

Sharon Brown,

Prosperity Coach


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