Treasures In The Moment…

Dear Family and Friends,

There is a need for me to address the fires roaring in Sonoma and Napa Counties. This is so horrific. The devastation being left in the wake of the fires is very sobering for me.

I have  family and friends in these areas. My daughter and granddaughter have been bringing water and diapers to shelters to fulfill needs there.

Thank you to all the many responders, FEMA, police, firefighters and all the concerned and courageous community coming together to help where they are needed.

A story to share with you…A man came back with his neighbors to find all their homes burned to the ground except his. He felt a bit guilty. Then his neighbor approached him to express appreciation for his pet kitty who found refuge under the only house standing.

There are treasures to be found in each moment. There will be challenges  and joys, laughter and tears; all part of your present moment.

I mention this to you because by moving forward there will be times to look back on the devestation and forward to uncertainty.

An excerpt from my book “Live Full Out”.

Accept where you are now and what is surrounding you in your life. This modality will keep you in the present moment and fully conscious.

Enjoyment will come as you decide what is next. Enthusiasm will appear as you move in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Your energy will have a high frequency that resonates with God.  You will have peace. Breathe in this peace and let it spread to those around you.

Blessings..Keep Smiling… Sharon

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