Find Joy This Time of Year!

Take a deep breath, taking in the aromatic Christmas scents like the evergreen tree, the just baked cookies and a meal made with love for others.

It was a chilly morning and I was stopped at a light. The sun was coming thru my window, I closed my eyes for a second to take in the rays that warmed me. It made me think about the moments that can be precious to us all.

Take time to appreciate your surroundings and give yourself that extra time to relax in the hustle bustle of shoppers and drivers on the road.

You will enjoy the season more and others will be grateful because you will remind them by your actions, that they can take a deep breath and slow down to take in the beauty of the season; the lights, ornaments, festivities, family and friends getting together.

Help others that have less, to make certain they also enjoy the Christmas Season.

If you find things that give you joy and do things that give others joy, you will know the “Reason for the Season.”

May abundant blessings be yours this Christmas and beyond into the New Year. Sharon

Keep Smiling…

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