Human Kindness

Do you wish for kindness? Be kind.

Your world is a reflection of you.

We get busy and forget how we can affect all around us in a positive way. Thought of some ways to show kindness to others. It can be like a pebble thrown in a pond creating a ripple which expands infinitely.

1. Smile...just because and greet others with maybe, (How’s it going?, Have a good day, Good morning). You get the idea.:)

2. Write/text kind notes to neighbors/coworkers. They maybe going through a rough patch.

3. Hold the door open for another.

4. Offer to let someone go ahead of you in line.

5. Volunteer time at a local charity or school.

6. Learn something new about someone you work with. Then find an honest way to appreciate them.

8. Listen more.

9. Show interest and respect for someone in the group that appears quiet and a little withdrawn.

10. Pay an honest compliment to someone.

11. Be a traffic angel…give others driving room to exit or change lanes.

12. Acknowledge those behind the scenes for their contribution to keep us safe and provide a clean environment for our world.

Keep Smiling….Sharon

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