Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?

A few more valuable clues to assure your success in becoming a millionaire.

The dream of becoming a millionaire is more attainable by setting a goal…like working toward and achieving a graduate degree, buying your first house or retiring early.

A few tips from the already millionaires: Spend less than you earn.
Avoid status objects like houses or ornate expensive cars.
Practice discipline when it comes to savings and investing over the long term.

Just like the millionaire next door walk softly and appear like regular folks. 

You’ve heard the saying that time is money or that the early bird gets the worm. So being an early riser can have profound benefits.

Good time management has much merit.

Know what’s going on in the world. Lifelong learning is critical to your networking and you won’t miss any opportunities that come your way.

Give back.

As long as you believe it’s possible, it will come to pass.

Next week will be an introduction into the “Choose Love Movement”

Keep Smiling, Sharon

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