Choose Love Movement

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is what came from the Sandy Hook School shooting five years ago.

Scarlett Lewis, Jesse’s mom, speaks of the that day.  When Adam Lanza stepped into her son’s classroom, his gun jammed or he briefly ran out of bullets, and Jesse shouted at his friends to run. Nine did, and survived.

If Jesse could use the last moments of his life to save his friends, I certainly can get up every morning and do everything in my power to ensure we have a safer, more peaceful, loving world…. You don’t think you have that courage, but you do. We all have that courage Jesse showed on that day. It’s the courage to be kind and gentle, to do the right thing, to forgive, to step outside of our own pain. That’s the courage to choose love.

Jesse’s mom, Scarlett, began the “Choose Love Movement” which is a social and emotional learning movement that brings love and forgiveness. It teaches children how to understand and manage their emotions, cultivate empathy and develop positive relationships.

“The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation”

You Tube video here:

Keep Smiling…

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