There is no fear in love.  1 John 4:18

Nothing could be more delightful than walking the King’s Highway. One of the great Christians of the Middle Ages said, “God gives us a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in!” The road to heaven is glorious–illuminated by the love of God and the fellowship of friends in Jesus.
Love in Jesus is a love that is kind to those who resist you and are cruel to you, because, as He said, even evil men love those who love them in return. But true love turns the other cheek.
What is true love as characterized by Paul?  It isn’t provoked by others and keeps no record of wrong. Does your Father not love you with this same kind of love that He asks you to love others?
Are you unsure that you can be loved so unconditionally?  Then go to your Father and ask Him if He loves you this way. When you feel His love, you will begin to acquire that same kind of love for yourself and be able to love others as yourself.

Keep Smiling in His love,  Sharon

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