You Are A Magnet (Continued)

The world as we have created it is a process
of our thinking. It cannot be changed
without changing our thinking.”
– Albert Einstein – Physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize

One of the main precepts of the Law of Attraction is that the level of vibrational frequency and the flow of energy is controlled by thought.
Through your deliberate thoughts, you can bring yourself into vibrational harmony with (and attract) anything you desire.

Mastering the power of intention—that is, deliberate thought—to manifest what you want in life, is a three-step process:

Ask, Believe and Receive

Think of your mind as a GPS system, like the one on your smartphone or in your car.
With every picture you visualize, you’re “inputting” the destination you want to get to.

Step 1:  Ask…
Start consciously and intentionally creating your future.
Use positive words that focus the universe on what you want.
Replace negative images and thoughts with positive ones.
Ask for what you want. Then let the universe worry about how you’ll get it.

Step 2: Believe...
Decide, with conviction, that what you want will absolutely happen.
Take action to create your desired result, affirming with enthusiasm your belief, in what you want.

Follow your inspiration. Stay excited about where you are headed. There is nothing that moves you faster in the direction you want to be headed than to stay excited! Do whatever it takes to keep you in the excitement mode.

Step 3: Receive...
Become a vibrational match by focusing on creating positive emotions of love, joy, appreciation, and gratitude throughout your day.

Use affirmations to create a vibrational match.
Create a vibrational match through appreciation and gratitude.

Keep Smiling…

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