Procrastination Gone!

Breakdown task into smaller steps. This will enable you to work in 10 minute increments. You start the task which you have broken down. Perform task for 10 minutes and STOP. Leave the task and do something you have already set up to do. Then go back to your 10 minute task. Soon, you will find that you have gone beyond 10 minutes and VOILA, the task is finished.Minimize distractions; no digital in reach and be in a quiet environment.  This is a way to feel your task is important and you want to give it your best so…you need space.

You must know you. You may want to give the task an artificial deadline. This will give you a cushion and enable you to give it your all whether you are a student, a mom running a household, a writer or in the business world.

You may also look at having someone to keep you accountable, like a partner to run with or a coach.

Each night before you retire, jot down what you will get accomplished and then whatever you don’t complete, you will move over to the next day. Keep track on a calendar of your progress. What I suggest is keeping a daily journal. This really brings home your activity and accomplishments.

Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for your follow through. Whatever that looks like for you. (Some kind of treat) This action will reinforce your getting started and following through.

Keep Smiling…Sharon

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