Dealing With Negative People


Tips for you to handle negative people.

Set limits on your time. A great way to set limits is to ask complainers how they intend to fix the problem. They will either quiet down or redirect the conversation in a productive direction.

When you find yourself with a co-worker who is engaged in negative thinking, just smile and nod. If you’re going to have to straighten them out, it’s better to give yourself some time to plan the best way to go about it.

When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from the opinions of other people, you are no longer the master of your own happiness. When emotionally intelligent people feel good about something that they’ve done, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or snide remarks take that away from them.

Focus on Solutions. Where you focus your attention determines your emotional state. When you fixate on the problems you’re facing, you create and prolong negative emotions and stress. When you focus on actions to better yourself and your circumstances, you create a sense of personal satisfaction that produces positive emotions and reduces stress.

Forgiveness requires letting go of what’s happened so that you can move on. It doesn’t mean you’ll give a wrongdoer another chance. Successful people are unwilling to be bogged down unnecessarily by others’ mistakes, so they let them go quickly and are assertive in protecting themselves from future harm. Just wish them well.

You should avoid negative self-talk at all costs. It can spiral and prevent you from thinking positively about how you are really on top and in charge of your life.

Good rest gives you a clear head and makes you more alert. You are able to make good decisions and focus your attention on structured communication where there is negativity present.

Everyone has someone, who is on their team, rooting for them and ready to help them get the best from a difficult situation. Communicate with them the challenge and seek their insight and assistance when you need it. Something as simple as explaining the scenario can lead to a new perspective. Most of the time, other people can see a solution that you can’t because they are not as emotionally invested in the situation.

Keep Smiling…Sharon

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