A PEP Talk

Certain people say you are a racist, mean and selfish. There aren’t many of these people, but they move around a lot. These people are looking in the mirror when they spout this. As Americans, you are caring and compassionate. You always look for ways to make things better in your life and in other lives.

Especially now, it is critical for you to know what’s going on in your family, community, work and place of worship.

Social media is a great invention, but does not take the place of the need to be part of something. To communicate with others about their lives, cares and concerns. To air your differences and be able to communicate in a positive way to agree or disagree and respect the other person’s opinion.

Don’t have all the answers to bringing us closer to our neighbors and community. One thought that comes to mind though, is limiting social media interaction to a set amount of time each day and give that same amount of time to do something to get out in your community. You won’t be disappointed.

A book by Tim Carney, “Alienated America,” may shed some light on ways to come together in our community.

Love to hear more ideas from you.

Keep Smiling…Sharon

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