No Flash In The Pan Talk!

There are two words that pop up when I think of having a successful and happy relationship in life and business.

“Vulnerability and Consistency”

Vulnerability is showing up when you don’t know what the outcome will be.

Consistency is needed in our personal life and those of others if we are to feel good about ourselves. Consistency will rub off on others if they see it in your life. When you are consistent, others know they can count on you and what you say. Being consistent is following through with what you start. When you make decisions and they are consistent with your belief, others respect you. In ways, consistency is like vulnerability. Vulnerability opens you up to ridicule and praise.
Consistency maintains your integrity to be all you can be no matter what others may think or say. They will listen, digest it and give you feedback. This communication is vital to being happy humans.

Keep Smiling…Sharon

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