Burn Your Bridges!

Once you decide what you are about, want to do or be, slam shut the doors! Give it a try, won’t fly! If you want it, immerse yourself in the dream. One foot in the water won’t work. All in, is the only way to achieve your dream.

Is it freedom you want? Then, let that consume you with what freedom means to you. When the going gets rough and tuff, STOP!  take some deep breaths and a walk around the block. Begin with, “I keep getting better and better” and be grateful for what is now in your life.

Now, PRESS IN… promote an action on what needs to get done with laser focus! You are a leader! Look inward! Be straight up with you! You will like what you see because you know it is all up to you to get it done!

The action you take today will reflect 90 days from now. Fire it up! Use your “vision” to thrust you forward and don’t look back!

You are worthy! Just do it!

Keep Smiling…Sharon


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