“Release God’s Power to get wealth”

Deuteronomy 8:18

If you follow the Word of God, you will be happy now and you won’t have to wait until you pass thru the pearly gates.

You are heirs of Christ when you follow His Lead.

If not, you will live in slavery. Political slavery still exists. If you depend on the government, as we have seen thru the ages, is not the answer.

All wealth comes from God. If you do all for His glory, He will provide for all your needs and multiple them many times over.

Three stories told to me by Pastor John Hagee out of Texas. You can find his sermons on You Tube.

A man, lost as a goat in a snow storm, listened about tithing. Like lightning striking, after he tithed, the next day a deal came into his life and he benefited abundantly.

Another man obeyed God’s principles of financial management, he became a millionaire many times over.

John Hagee was desperate to fund his church. A man sold John a share of stock that was at one dollar. The stock began to rise and rise like a magnificent bread dough. John paid all the bills, sold the stock and the stock hit rock bottom again.

God is in charge.

Keep smiling…Sharon

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