Is Your House On FIRE???

Am speaking about your mind. The narrative that is playing for you over and over again in your mind. The conditioned mind that concocts up things from the past to fuel the fire of your mind. To encourage you to complain about things you have no control over. How can you put the fire out? Look at what you are fuming about.
Now, put it in the present moment. Does it look different? In the present moment, there is no fear. Everything just is…neither good nor bad, but what thought you give it. You are in the present moment when you need to focus on the immediate circumstance you are experiencing; like racing competitively, a life-death situation or any event that puts you right in the middle of a need for a split-second reaction.
When you cannot control the situation, you can rise above it, when you stay in the moment. You can let it go and move on to a more productive and peaceful lifestyle.

Keep Smiling…Sharon

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