Speak Out

 Let’s turn this Country around before we look like Cuba and then try to back peddle our way out of this mess. 

Get involved.

We live in a Country where anything is possible. Let’s keep it that way. Our Forefathers gave their lives so we could live free. 

There are just a few trying to control us. Don’t let them intimidate you. If you are afraid or worried you will lose everything, think about your children’s future. What will it look like for them if you don’t speak out? If we stay silent, Cuba is a good example of what our future will look like. We will find our children digging their way out from under government tyranny. 

I saw Cuban people wrapping themselves in our beautiful United States flag. Why do things seem to always go too far before we take action? We have an extraordinary Country! Why does everyone want to come here if that were not true? When we have other countries honoring our American flag, we see a few Americans burning our flag. How SAD! What are those that love our flag saying that we need to embrace now?

Be brave and stay free, Sharon

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