Moving into 2021

No rehearsing your mistakes…Leave them at the door of 2020. 🙂

These are a few nuggets to share with you as we move into 2021.

Go thru your phone pictures and make a collage with the favorite memories you want to carry over to 2021. Sweet things that remind you of what you want to repeat, things that make you or others smile.
Find the gift in the crap and bring it with you. This has been the year from heaven and hell. What am I saying? There are things that have raised questions and concerns; that make us think about our lives, our family and our Country; our God and what He wants for you. Reflect on what you know to be true and sift out the crap. Take the good stuff with you into 2021.
Look inward to see what works for you and polish it until it shines. Take it with you into 2021.
Envision your best year and what you want to create in 2021. Make a plan and execute your plan with gusto!
See you in 2021. Keep smiling, Sharon

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